Landlord law: Your quick guide to gas safety certificates

Having a gas safety check reduces the risk of gas leaks and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning

Annually, £65–£125

Gas leaks can kill through carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. That’s why, by law, you have to maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in a safe condition.

An engineer on the Gas Safe register has to test the gas supply and all gas appliances in your rented property once a year. Not doing so can land you with an unlimited fine, prison sentence or – if someone dies – manslaughter charges.

All gas equipment has to be fitted by a Gas Safe engineer. (Find one at Unfortunately there is no national register of certificates, so you will need to check your own records to see if you have a valid one and keep track of the annual renewal dates yourself.

You have to give your tenants a copy of this certificate when they move in, and again within 28 days after each annual test. If you don’t, you lose your right to end the tenancy without giving a reason.

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