Styled photos see top rent agreed

2 house in Raynes Park £1,725 pm

To maximise your property’s appeal and value, Swift uses a top professional photographer and then works with a specialist firm to digitally enhance our marketing photos.

Often, our clients are in the middle of moving countries when we market their homes for the first time. So instead of asking owners to physically declutter and style the property at a stressful time, we do it for them – digitally. Clutter, bins and scaffolding disappear; sleek furniture, stylish accessories and fresh flowers showcase the home at its best.

The owner of this two-bedroom house in Raynes Park appointed Swift to let it less than a month before she was due to move to Newcastle for work. We had it photographed the same day and digitally enhanced.

After 15 enquiries about the house, we agreed a let within £25 of the asking rent with a professional couple. They moved in less than a week after the landlord left, giving her just enough time to prepare the house. The owner wanted to meet her new tenants, so we arranged that as well – putting minds at ease on both sides.