Lettings marketing guide: Why you should use floorplans to market your rental property

Use floorplans to market your rental property and attract the right tenants

Historically floorplans have been used to market property sales and higher-end rentals but they are becoming more common – for good reason: they’re an invaluable marketing tool for all lets.

Floorplans only need to be done once, but can help a would-be tenant work out whether the property is right for them or not, saving both your time and theirs. A professional photographer or the assessor who does your energy performance certificate can usually create a floorplan for £20–£30 extra if they’re visiting anyway.

Your aim when marketing a property is not only to paint a picture of a lovely home, but also to give as many facts as possible so that prospective tenants can make an informed decision to view. That means you will only attract those likely to take it.

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